Why advertisers should give Microsoft Ads a chance in 2023


ICYMI, Microsoft has big plans plans to double the size of its ad business to $20 billion. Google and Meta are showing signs of fading, making more room for emerging platforms like TikTok, Amazon and Instacart. Microsoft’s search and news advertising revenues have consistently grown over the last four quarters and it offers cost-effectiveness and detailed analytics.

However, Microsoft still falls behind Google in terms of users, Google sits around 83.84% share of the global search market. Having competition for Google search encourages companies to innovate, invest in better search technologies, and create better user experiences, it also keeps prices down and helps to ensure that no one search engine has too much market share or power and ensures unbiased search results.

Microsoft has improved their Ads dashboard, features, and product offerings with a unified interface, more detailed reporting, data visualization, and new automated campaign management tools, audience insights, and automated bidding strategies to help users better target their campaigns and the ability to manage multiple campaigns from a single dashboard and the ability to optimize campaigns for different devices.

Here are just a few:

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