Microsoft has recently announced the initiation of an open beta phase for their doctor and clinic ads, paving the way for expanded opportunities in the healthcare sector. As the company aims to deliver targeted advertising to potential patients, this innovative solution is designed to connect individuals with medical professionals and local clinics.

These services include:

  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Microsoft Audience Network
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

The search engine giant’s new advertising product comes as part of their broader plan to capitalize on the growing demand for healthcare services. As a result, Microsoft’s advertising ecosystem will now include a dedicated space for healthcare providers, allowing them to reach potential patients more effectively.

During this open beta phase, advertisers will have the opportunity to experiment with the new ad format, which specifically targets users searching for healthcare services in their local area. Through the integration of ad placements within Bing search results, Microsoft’s platform helps users find relevant medical services while providing valuable visibility to advertisers.

The new ad format is designed to be more comprehensive, incorporating key information about the doctors and clinics, such as their name, address, phone number, and specialty. This streamlined approach ensures that users can easily find and contact the medical professionals they require.

Microsoft’s move into the healthcare advertising space is in line with the industry’s growing digital presence. As more and more people turn to online platforms for their medical needs, the company is working to meet the increasing demand for tailored and location-specific advertising.

This open beta phase represents a significant step forward for Microsoft, as they continue to refine their advertising platform to cater to the unique needs of the healthcare industry. By offering healthcare providers a dedicated space to promote their services, Microsoft is demonstrating their commitment to supporting the sector and connecting patients with the care they need.

Good to know. Microsoft suggests the following best practices for running doctor and clinic ads.

  • The open beta is available in United States, Australia, India, Germany, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • The auction for Doctor and Clinic Ads is independent from Text Ads. You can participate in the Doctor and Clinic Ads auction with the campaign associated to your feed file and also participate in the Text Ad auction with your regular campaigns.
  • The Doctor and Clinic Ads auction is cost-per-click (CPC)-based.
  • Feed automation is supported through scheduling to easily keep up with any changes you make.
  • It’s Recommend that you start with $100–$500 per day.
  • Set location targeting in campaign settings as “United States”, “Canada”, or any other available markets. This will ensure ads are eligible to serve all users searching from within these countries.
  • You can bring your own data in the form of audience lists.

Microsoft has expanded its Lodging solutions offerings with a focus on providing more options for customers. This includes expanding globally and introducing new placements for Property Promotion ads that can now be accessed on mobile devices. Furthermore, they have introduced updates to its product line, including Vacation Rentals and Room Bundles.

The new Lodging solutions ads provides users with:

  • Property promotion ads
  • Hotel price ads
  • Hotel price ads with room bundles
  • Bing Maps
  • Bing Travel Hub
  • Property promotion ads with vacation rentals

Google import for Smart campaigns are now available in 11 new markets.

The 11 new markets are:  

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore

Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President and head of Consumer Marketing Office at Microsoft, announced that within two days, over one million individuals had added their names to the waitlist for the upcoming AI-powered Bing search engine.

An impressive one million people have eagerly awaited the chance to try the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing search engine in just two days, as announced by Yusuf Mehdi. He stated, “The overwhelming response of over one million individuals joining the waitlist for our preview in just 48 hours has left us humbled and motivated. If you want to be a part of this exciting experience, visit

As reported by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land:

On Tuesday, we covered the announcement of the new AI-powered search featured in Bing Search. We also explained how ads would be on the new Bing experience, how Bing had to update its webmaster guidelines to support the new chat experience, and we dug a bit more into the relevancy boost Bing had thanks to AI.

Nicole Farley also showed us her test drive of the new AI Bing.

Microsoft has updated its multi-channel advertising approach and will be available to all advertisers starting on February 21st. As part of this change, the bid modifier for audience ads will no longer be displayed in campaign settings. Microsoft explains that instead of manually adjusting participation in the audience network with positive or negative bid modifiers, advertisers just need to set their goals and Microsoft Advertising will optimize their campaigns across channels for maximum efficiency and best return on investment.

Microsoft conducted a study on accounts that combined search and audience traffic and found that advertisers get the most benefit by using both Microsoft Search and the Audience Network. The study showed that people who saw a brand’s ad on both networks visited the website 2.6 times more often than those who only saw the ad on search. Microsoft notes that this increased website traffic leads to higher conversion rates, with users converting 6.6 times more frequently. This emphasizes the significance of utilizing both search and audience together, as reaching the same user through multiple channels can enhance engagement and sales.

Early tests. Microsoft has been piloting the new multi-channel approach over the past year. “After strong beta results, we’re rolling out this experience to all advertisers. Our results show that accounts already using multi-channel management have seen 14% higher conversion rates at 21% lower cost per acquisition (CPA).”

Microsoft’s new features. Microsoft has been working to enhance its advertising platform, with the goal of doubling its ad business to $20 billion, although no timeline was provided. Despite some uncertainty among brands, their FY23Q2 earnings showed a slight decline in advertising spend, but with a 5% increase in ad revenue and a 14% increase in LinkedIn revenue. The many changes and updates made by Microsoft over the last year could have contributed to this growth, and as Google advances automation and limits advertiser control, Microsoft may be seen as a viable alternative for advertisers.

You can read the announcement from Microsoft here.

ICYMI, Microsoft has big plans plans to double the size of its ad business to $20 billion. Google and Meta are showing signs of fading, making more room for emerging platforms like TikTok, Amazon and Instacart. Microsoft’s search and news advertising revenues have consistently grown over the last four quarters and it offers cost-effectiveness and detailed analytics.

However, Microsoft still falls behind Google in terms of users, Google sits around 83.84% share of the global search market. Having competition for Google search encourages companies to innovate, invest in better search technologies, and create better user experiences, it also keeps prices down and helps to ensure that no one search engine has too much market share or power and ensures unbiased search results.

Microsoft has improved their Ads dashboard, features, and product offerings with a unified interface, more detailed reporting, data visualization, and new automated campaign management tools, audience insights, and automated bidding strategies to help users better target their campaigns and the ability to manage multiple campaigns from a single dashboard and the ability to optimize campaigns for different devices.

Here are just a few:

Learn more. Read the full article on Search Engine Land.

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