Upcoming Google updates on Healthcare and Medicines policy


Come October 10, 2023, digital marketers should be aware of two significant updates that Google will be introducing to its Healthcare and medicines policy:

  1. Refinement of Prescription Drug Sale Policy: Google aims to enhance clarity by updating the title and language of its Prescription drug sale policy. Importantly, this change won’t affect how Google enforces the policy.
  2. Modification for Telemedicine in France: The specifics regarding the Healthcare and medicines policy for France will undergo a change, allowing telemedicine providers, certified by LegitScript, to advertise their services in France.

The revised language on the Healthcare and medicines policy page will read as follows:

Prescription Drug Services Overview:
Google maintains a strict approach to advertisements related to online prescription, dispensing, and sale of drugs. Businesses that fall under this include, among others, online pharmacies and telemedicine services.

The assessment of such advertisements will be based on various factors, from ad content, linked site or app, to the nature of services/products offered. In ensuring user safety, Google exercises utmost caution, especially for pages linking or referencing content that may facilitate online drug sale or prescription.

Eligible Countries for Promotion:
Only specific countries, including but not limited to Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czechia, Denmark, France, and more, are eligible for promoting services tied to prescription drugs. For a detailed list and specifics, refer to the country-specific section of the Healthcare & Medicines policy.

Keyword Bidding:
Certified advertisers can bid on keywords with prescription drug terms in select countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, Czechia, and others.

Certification Process:
To advertise prescription drug services, advertisers must secure a certification from Google. The certification requirements, however, differ from one country to another. Ensure you’re familiar with the nuances of each country you’re targeting.

France’s Updated Policy on Telemedicine:

Product: Prescription Drug Services
Status: Allowed (with restrictions)

Telemedicine providers with a stamp of approval from LegitScript’s Healthcare Merchant Certification and Monitoring Program can now advertise their services in France. However, there’s a catch: ads, landing pages, and keywords must steer clear of promoting prescription drugs directly.

For more details on securing a LegitScript certification or Google certification, reach out to us!

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