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The 'Traffic Butler' All-Inclusive
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digital marketing agency

As a former “paid ads only” marketing agency, we came up with the Traffic Butler idea after one of our clients expressed interest in having us manage their social media accounts. They were such a great client that we couldn’t say no. A few weeks later they asked us to manage their email strategy. A few weeks after, the same client needed a new website. Along with their new website we proposed SEO and content services.

Once the word got out, other clients started asking us to manage their entire marketing strategy as well. We realized that offering an all-inclusive solution is what a lot of businesses wanted, but never knew existed. We knew that we had so much more to offer our clients, and that having us manage their whole strategy was a win-win for both sides.

The Traffic Butler service was born and the rest is history!

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The 'Traffic Butler' Program is Right For You if..

👎🏼 You’re spending too much time interviewing, hiring, or managing multiple employees, agencies, or contractors

👎🏼 You’re tired of having multiple meetings with different team members

👎🏼 You’re spending a ton on 5, 6, 7, or 8 different experts to manage your paid ads, SEO, content, social media, and email

👎🏼 You’re not getting the results you’d expect, or are frustrated with the lack of communication with your team

👎🏼 You’re ready to spend money on marketing, but know there must be an easier solution

There’s a better way!


How we do it - The Framework

Our 5 step framework guarantees success in a way that FEELS good for you.
We don’t ‘do’ overnight success – we help you build out LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE marketing plan that keeps building long after we’ve finished working together.

01. The Profitability Strategy

Our due diligence on unravelling your margins and deep-diving into your conversion rates means we can create a super blueprint for true revenue growth. This planning will start making you dollars AND sense. It’s the internal big picture thinking BEFORE we create a single ad, email, or blog post, and AFTER we audit your current funnel to find all your low-hanging fruit and big, juicy opportunities.

02. The Creative Direction

Beauty and brains. We create gorgeous, personable ads, emails, and posts custom to each placement that both make you say “ooooh!” AND are ultimately designed for conversion. Yep, this is the fun part! Because we get to know your audience on a new level, it means we can create tug-on-the-heart-strings, make-you-lol copy alongside creative that ensures the copy truly sings.

03. The Buyer Personas + Audience Targeting

We start our FBI-level investigating by building out the personas in your target audience, getting inside their head. We leave no stone unturned! Then, with our tried-and-true, continually evolving strategy, we transform the buyer personas into fully formed, fleshed out audiences with super specific parameters that zero in. You become EVERYWHERE.

04. The Structured Testing

This is where we let the data speak for itself. We meticulously and strategically A/B test everything. Our obsession is testing, tweaking and testing again to work out the top performing personas, targets, copy and creative. And for you we do it fast – to ensure we don’t cost you any unnecessary time or money. Online ever-changing algorithms don’t stand a chance.

05. The Troubleshooting & Scaling

Guess what? We LOVE data. But you knew that. each month you’ll receive pdf reports with your performance numbers outlined. As we read the data, we’re adjusting accordingly + scaling up what works for maximum profitability and business growth (oh yeah, multitasking!). Our eagle eye on every stat and number means we can handpick the campaigns generating a flow of high-quality leads and/or back-to-back sales – THEN we scale them all the way up for maximum revenue. You’re welcome.

But don't just take our word for it...

Play Video about Customer Testimonial from Dr. Richard Abbey of Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic

Why you should consider our 'Traffic Butler' all-Inclusive Marketing Package

Let’s say you have a marketing team. You have a copywriter, paid ad specialists, social media managers, an SEO expert, and an email marketing manager. Let’s also say that each one gets paid at least $5,000 a month (minimum, not including benefits).

That means you’re paying $25,000 per month to your team in salaries alone! We’re not arguing that it isn’t money well spent. Your marketing team is the heart of your business. They can make or break your entire years sales goals with one single campaign. 

But we also know that $25,000 plus benefits and overhead is a lot of money to spend. With Web Sprouts all-inclusive ‘Traffic Butler’ package, you’ll save about 60% just on salaries alone. 

What could you do with that extra savings?

Finding and hiring good employees and contractors isn’t easy! Creating job post, researching salaries, setting up and conducting multiple interviews, following up, creating an offer, onboarding…

Who has the time!?

With Web Sprouts ‘Traffic Butler’ package, you only need to hire 1 team. You’ll onboard once, pay one invoice, and have one team to manage. 

What can you do with all of that extra time?

With our ‘Traffic Butler’ package, you’ll have  only one team to manage. Forget multiple meetings, too many Zoom calls, a flood of updates in your inbox, and you playing the middleman when your team fails to communicate. 

With us, we’ll onboard your team in one half-day session, you’ll have 2 meetings per month (with everyone working on your project), organized folders, chat rooms, and reports, and most importantly – a team working for you that communicates and works together to achieve the same goal – growing your company!

Sometimes even people in the same office or on the same team just don’t work together well. We know the struggle!

Having your marketing team be one agency allows you to take a step back, relax, and know that we’ve got it handled!

Communication issues don’t exist here! Forget the days of trying to organize meetings, bringing everyone together, fighting to get the copy team to work with the social media managers, etc. Our team is tight and you can rest assured that your message, strategy, and focus is consistent and on point!

Strategy – check! Analysis – check! Reporting – check! Accountability – check! 

As your ‘Outsourced CMO,’ you don’t have to worry about hiring, paying, tracking, managing onboarding, or training your team. We’ll take care of everything!

Well, we think so anyways. 

Working with Web Sprout is like having another team of partners in your corner. Your success is our success. We love what we do and we strive to make your life easier by letting you go back to focusing on growth!


👀👇🏼 Check out these real results from current clients 👀👇🏼

Stop Struggling & Juggling

You shouldn’t have to babysit your marketing team. You shouldn’t have to worry about creating and paying for job posts, emailing prospects, interviewing, onboarding, training, payroll, taxes, and the constant battle of trying to keep everyone in line and on-task. End the struggle!

With the Traffic Butler program, you’ll hire one team, sit through one onboarding session, pay one invoice, and save thousands of dollars per month on taxes, benefits, and overhead. What do you have to lose?

How Onboarding Works

Homework + Admin Tasks
The first week is all about homework! Sorry not sorry. During week 1 we'll cover invoicing, account access & set up, password sharing, setting meeting schedules, and planning travel for our in-person onboarding session.
Introductions + Planning
Perhaps the most important week of our partnership. We'll meet with you in-person for a full-day workshop. We'll go over your customer avatar, product value journey, current strategies, bottlenecks & opportunities, and your goals over the next 30, 60, 90 days and beyond. You'll meet our team, get to know us, and walk away feeling so much more excited than you ever thought you would about marketing!
Strategy + Implementation
We'll take everything we learned during our in-person meeting and get to work in our lab (ok fine, our home offices). We'll create multiple templates to keep track of your audiences, ad copy, email performance, guest posts for SEO, and so much more. Can you say nerds!? After everything is set up to document and track, we'll start doing what we do best - creating!
Approvals, Changes, and Finishing Touches
This week we expect to have the first rounds of ads, content, emails, and posts completed, and out for your review. After you review and approve or request changes, we'll schedule the launch. At this point things are moving fast!
Leave The Rest To Us
Weeks 5 and beyond is where we work our magic. At this point your ad campaigns are running, your social media presence is growing, content for your blog is being written with SEO in mind, your emails are being sent, your subscriber list is growing, and your SEO is starting to pay off. You're climbing closer and closer to page 1 results. You have a clear picture of the strategy we're implementing, and you're excited for the future!
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